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Leo & Wolf BARF Complete is a natural, balanced and species-appropriate all-round care for your cat. The special supplement mixture with moringa, taurine and brewer's yeast provides your cat with the necessary nutrients it needs daily for a happy and healthy life.

Natural and species-appropriate all-round care

High-quality Barf special mixture

Rich in minerals and vitamins

The product consists of high-quality and natural raw materials as well as taurine, which is essential for cats, making it ideal as a BARF supplement.

The vitamin B contained in brewer's yeast supports the general metabolism and contributes to a healthy and shiny coat.

Taurine is an essential nutrient for cats. Long-term taurine deficiency can lead to retinal degeneration - a retinal disease that causes irreversible damage. The addition of taurine prevents this. It also has a positive effect on numerous metabolic and organ functions.

Omega-3 fish meal can have a positive effect on the cat's activity levels.

Due to the selected composition of the supplementary food, the mixture is suitable for both older and younger cats from the age of 12 months.

The easily dosed powder can be simply mixed into the daily food. Due to the incomparable taste, this product enjoys a high acceptance.

Our Leo & Wolf Supplement products are developed in close cooperation with alternative practitioners, nutrition experts and veterinarians to support the healthy development of your pet.


30% Brewer's yeast ground, barley grass ground, rose hip husks fine parts, 3% moringa ground*, spirulina ground*, 1% omega-3 fish meal

(*from organic farming)


Content of additives per kg:

Nutritional-physiological additive: Taurine 20000 mg

Technological additive: Diatomaceous earth 40000 mg


Analytical components:

Crude protein 23,3%, crude fat 2,3%, crude fibre 17,4%, crude ash 10,9%

Leo and Wolf BARF supplement for Cats

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