Premium Lamb Mince in 560g packs (4 x 140g blocks). 

4PAWSRAW Premium High-Quality Raw Lamb Complete 80/10/10 Mince For Dogs BARF DIET

Our products are made by using top quality, human-grade meats that are purchased fresh and NOT end of shelf life.

80% Edible Grade Lamb Trim, Lamb Lung, Lamb Trachea, Lamb Heart, 10% Lamb Ribs, 5% Lamb Spleen, 5% Lamb Liver (Bone Content approx 10%)

Unlike some cheap meats on the market, our meats have no added water and are individually wrapped and come with DEFRA numbers and batch codes and are forward tested as the meat comes in and then batch tested. We DO NOT make our dog food in a back street garage with no DEFRA licence or testing for nasties.

Supplied in 560g Packs (4 x 140g blocks) delivered by courier in an insulated box which keeps the product frozen for 48hrs.

Simply remove the amount you need each day from the freezer and defrost in the fridge overnight.

100% Raw Lamb 80/10/10 Mince for Dogs, Contains no added water, preservatives or additives, natural bone content for the essential calcium.

Analytical Constituent:

Moisture: 63.2%

Crude Protein: 16.2%

Fat: 14.8%

Ash: 4.9%

Crude Fibre: 0.9%

Produced in accordance with EU Pet Food Only Legislation, not for human consumption.

Feeding Guide: Feed 2% – 3% of dogs body weight or target weight per day. For puppies up to 6% per day.

All dogs are different and guidelines should be adapted to account for age, breed and activity level of individual dogs. 

4Paws Raw Lamb 80/10/10 560g (4x140g)

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