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Why we switched to Raw feeding!

There are plenty of articles mentioning the benefits of raw so I thought I'd share my personal experience in this blog.

People don't believe the benefits to raw feeding until they try it for their own pets. I was one of these people. I'd tried every kibble with Goose when she was young and she always had a gurgling upset stomach. I finally put all my scepticism aside and gave raw a go as my last option.

The results were amazing! Her stomach improved within a few days. Her poos were so much better. As time went on I saw more and more benefits. Her coat looks better than ever, her energy levels improved and her general mood. She aged backwards and was like a playful puppy again! She went from refusing her food to loving every meal. She now gets very excited for her food like dogs should do.

I was so impressed I moved Pancakes onto raw food and even our cat Odin. Pancakes is now 8 and still a strong competitor in agility!

It has even helped Goose fight cancer. She sadly got a Mast cell tumour last year but thankfully it was removed in time and has not yet come back.

As a Vet Nurse I was always taught kibble was best as the big companies Hills, Royal Canin and Purina came in every month bribing us with lunch and showing us studies they'd done themselves. Now my eyes are open and I'll never recommend kibble again!

Our old cat Fozzy was on dry food his whole life and sadly he developed Dialated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) (a heart condition) and kidney failure at the age of 6. We lost him on his 7th birthday, which I'm sure you'll agree is far too young! This sparked me to study more about pet nutrition myself. Looking into it I found out his Royal Canin diet did more harm than good. It makes sense now. Of course feeding dry food will affect the heart and kidneys. There's simply not enough moisture in the food. I also found that the FDA are currently investigating a link between diet and DCM and current research is showing peas and lentils are in the diets of 93% of cases. These are often used as filler in grain free diets and Fozzys diet contained peas! This information pushed me to give raw a try for my other pets.

Another thing about cats. They can be very fussy creatures, which makes raw a good choice as they have something different for each meal. If you have an outdoor cat it probably eats raw anyway when it's out hunting mice!

My Mum got a kitten a few years ago. When she got her she wouldn't eat any of the cat food my Mum was offering her. She would only eat cooked chicken and then she started getting bored of that. My Mum was so worried as she was a young kitten so she needed good nutrition to help her grow and develop. I gave my Mum some raw cat food to try and her cat loved it. Today she will still only eat raw. She doesn't even recognise processed cat food as food!

If you're thinking of switching to raw please do. You'll see the benefits yourself and will save a lot of money on Vet fees!

To summarise the benefits of raw are:

⭐Improved stool quality

⭐Healthier skin and coat

⭐Improved dental health

⭐Improved immunity

⭐Helps fight cancer

⭐Pets look forward to their meals

⭐Reduces allergies due to the improved skin and stronger immune system

⭐ Improved energy levels

⭐ Healthier joints

⭐Longer lifespan

So there you go. 10 reasons to switch to raw! I encourage you to do it today. Your pet will thank you for it!

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